Intelligent high-frequency battery charger

Programmable, fully adjustable charger for drive batteries.

Key features:

  • One charger for up to five different battery types – manual selection
  • Extremely reliable
  • Pre-set charging characteristics
  • Easy to use
  • Setting the parameters using the buttons on the charger
  • Efficiency up to 94%
  • Active PFC and softstart
  • Verification of the battery after connection
  • Smoothed charging current
  • Create your own loading characteristics (optional)
  • High resistance to mains fluctuations
  • Load history for 1,000 charging cycles
  • Equalising charge

Application and characteristics

The industrial chargers of the FLEXIS series are intended for the charging of traction batteries. Depending on the type of charger, batteries with nominal voltages of 12V – 110V, with a possible charging current of 25A – 225A can be charged.

The chargers are made of uniform interchangeable power modules to achieve the desired performance. An intelligent control system controls and monitors the charging process, the display informs the user about the operating conditions.

Important charging data is stored in the charger, which can be used to optimise the operation process. The chargers are adjustable within a wide range and can be equipped with a remote control module.

An optimisation of the charging process extends the battery life, accelerates the charging process and saves energy. The charger FLEXIS is designed for hard conditions in three-layer operation.

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