Energy systems for Automated Guided Vehicles

Solutions for the energy supply of Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are the future of material transport. They enable efficient transport of various goods and perform this task completely automatically. This means that hardly any staffing costs are incurred. For these devices to operate reliably, a specialised power supply is necessary. RKB – REITZ offers high-quality battery solutions, which make it possible to safely and efficiently use automated guided vehicles.

Lithium: Benefits of a high energy density

Many conventional systems use lead-acid batteries for their energy supply. However, these battery systems are large, heavy, and have a very high charging time. This is why RKB – REITZ mainly uses high-performance packs based on the use of lithium. Battery solutions with lithium ions technology (Li-Ion) have a very high energy density so it is possible to supply the AGV with lots of energy using small and light batteries. In addition, these materials are suitable for very high currents. This not only ensures high load carrying capacity during operation but also reduces the charging time. In many cases, the LiFePo4 batteries are recommended – a sub-form of the Li-Ion batteries. These models are distinguished by their excellent performance and high levels of safety so LiFePo4 batteries are even suitable for sensitive areas.

Optimisation of the service life: A loading and double driving time that is up to five times faster

Battery systems with the Li-Ion technology improve the efficiency of the electromobility. Compared to conventional lead batteries, the operating time of the lithium batteries is about twice as high, while the charging time is only one-fifth. This contributes to an optimisation of the usage times, increasing the efficiency of the AGV.

Low self-discharge, low weight and other advantages

High-performance packs with lithium batteries have a very low self-discharge. The transport systems are, therefore, ready for use even after prolonged periods. This also reduces energy consumption. Lithium batteries are also very low in weight. This makes it possible to develop small and handy vehicles leading to excellent electromobility. If, however, the batteries are needed as a counterbalance for a forklift truck, models with additional mass are also available. Further advantages are the high number of charging cycles and the extensive temperature range of use.

CAN + CANopen: an optional communication interface

Good communication is very important for AGvs. The batteries are, therefore, optionally equipped with CAN + CANopen interfaces. This allows control of the charge and many other features of the power supply.

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